It was her way

A homeless man shuffles along the road, it’s raining and so very cold, a young woman sees him buys him something to drink and eat, he thankful to her but she will not hear of it. She didn’t do it for the thanks or the kudos, she did it because it was the right and compassionate thing to do. Next day she sees a woman sleeping rough in a doorway, using a box to keep herself warm, once again she buys the homeless person food and drink, once again she says there’s no need to thank me.

Then one night when walking home alone, she was accosted by a man who meant her harm, pushed her up against wall and told her what he intended to do. The woman froze, did not know what she could do, her mind was in chaos at the thought of being abused. The suddenly from nowhere the man to a blow to the head, then another blow struck him sending him to the ground. That’s when she saw the two homeless people that she helped standing over him. They looked up at her and smiled and told her to be on her way and in that moment the woman didn’t hesitate, then the two homeless people, took off their coats, revealing them wearing armour in shining gold, both had angelic wings, both angels of the divine, they stood the man up and cleansed evil from his mind. The next few weeks went past the woman never saw the homeless people again, she could only hope that they were ok. Then one day in the coffee shop the Barista passed a message, thanks to your kindness they were both reaping the benefits of her blessing and were living better lives now and that was thanks to her. She smiled as she read this and was unable to curb, the tears in her eyes and then went about her day, wondering to herself who else she could help today. For that was her way.

Published by fauxcroft

spiritually aware and compassionate. Experiencing being human through my conscious reality in an illusory world.

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