She tried to reach up


She was a rising star, reaching high, and wondering if she could fly, and attain all those things that money could not buy,but would not know if she did not try. So she honed her skills, through reading books, by expanding her mind, and ensuring opportunities were took, she raised her frequency and still her mind, and evolved over a period of time. She dreamt that finally she would reach the light, foresaw a future that was bright, there was nothing that could hold her back, until someone said being female and black, would stop her achieving all that she wanted and liked. Even in an age so advanced as this, there were those still xenophobic, she was outraged by this statement, and she decided, she would not take it. But try as she may, the system was against her, why does colour stir up descrimination and resentment, why such fear and anger comes to the surface, that’s just to hard to understand, other than ignorance from her fellow man. Once again she tried rising up, tried again and pushed her luck, then found herself knocked to the ground, where she could no longer make a sound, beaten by those who wished to oppress, those of different colour, those who were racist, they feared her getting in touch, the truth and then they would be fucked, and that their ignorant, corrupt ways would be scene, seeing and end to all their dreams, if maintaining power over everything, and having greed through exploitation, of the meek and the mindless who were satisfied with always merely following.

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