Altered state

Corona virus is just another flu, but this time it is being used against you, the media plays it’s part in instilling fear, while pharmaceutical companies and corporate businesses prick up their ears and as they use a nocebo, the opposite of placebo, peoples fear ramps up, cortisol flows through them that causes them to elect, to panic and act out of irrational fear and acts, like hoarding to protect themselves and corporate business makes a stack, money rolls in for them as people buy into the fear game time and again, purchasing things they hope may change, themselves from feeling stressed but that never works and stress is what calls us the greatest hurt, to heal we must reject this manipulation and embrace positivity, thinking yourself happy and healthy, you are what you think and what you create, shift your conscious being and re-adjust your state .

Published by fauxcroft

spiritually aware and compassionate. Experiencing being human through my conscious reality in an illusory world.

5 thoughts on “Altered state

  1. Very well said,there is a mass campaign against humanity,kindness and charity which certainly is the handiwork of the Satan.To bring about hopelessness among the people even among the believers so that they ultimately give up their faith and hope in Goodness. 🌹🙏

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    1. Absolutely right, anyone who has underlying poor health issues or suppressed immune system should take real care, like with any flu outbreak because it’s a real threat. But there is more going on here. Thanks for reading and understanding my friend 🙏🙏 Faux

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