Expanding populations


Expanding populations
Leading to global annihilation,
Expanding into animal habitats
Building on environment which is bad for that,
Concrete structures are eyesores
Filled with greedy consumers
Who keep demanding more,
Caring not one jot
About earth’s nature, we’ve lost the plot,
Taking through exploitation
Never nurturing and so foresaking,
The balance needed to survive
All species have a God given right,
To not face certain extinction
But we’re like parasites
Feeding on a host, this earth we keep on bleeding,
Like a virus we keep diseasing
Everything that we’ve been gifted,
We need a moment of paradigm shifting
To bring a change to how we live,
And learn to control our increasing birth rate
So that the future generations will discover to late,
That this place in which we live
Cannot sustain us taking everything.

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