Accept it or walk away


This was her way, to live life freely, to be open and be revealing, many, could not live this way, men found it hard to play along with her games, her rules were hard to accept, but her beauty took away mens breath and left them longing and wanting more, but they knew when she walked out the door, she was a free spirit to live as she wished, but there was something that they missed and that was, that she always came home, back to them, to her safe zone, but many men were consumed by jealousy, had a need to control, and lock her in a gilded cage, but that was not her way, free to fly was was forever the only place she would take as living state, accept that or walk away and many did, but not me, I promised to accept it all and stay, for the love we forged was great, and so I feel blessed each day.

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