Healthy eating


Why is it the healthier we try to eat

Like going vegan or organic,

The prices rise existentially

Taking the choice often away from you and me,

Why is it they want to exploit the healthy foods we want to eat

Is it simply just greed or is systematically,

They just don’t want us being healthy

The rich eat the finest products that they demand,

We eat processed shit out of boxes and cans,

Or that’s irradiated or stuff like chlorinated chicken

GM food will one day see us stricken,

Down with the chemicals and unnatural stuff of which it’s created

But it’s served up for us and plated,

But does anybody really know if it is safe yet,

But the healthier to option the higher the price

Corporations don’t give a shit about yours and my life,

Corporations are simply parasites,

Living and sucking off of you and me

Draining us dry in the name of getting wealthy,

I guess the best way is plant and grow your own

If you got the time which most of us don’t,

I wish I could plant and grow my own society,

Because if I could it would focus on what’s healthy,

Not for my pocket but for mine and everyone else’s body

Or we could as a united people protest and lobby,

For better food at reasonable prices

Where corporations don’t get the bigger slices,

Of the money being made from the sale of healthier food.

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