Plenty to question


The real important thing in life is to question everything, stop being gullible and slways believing, the stuff your fed, the things you think, that you see online and in memes, you really need to question everything. Why is ‘fight war not wars ‘ on every T-Shirt we wear, just to show that we actually care, why is ‘The only true authority your own authority ‘ repeated more in memes, maybe it’s because your controlled by media and government themes, that are set to distract you from the proof, that are always trying to suppress important news, that may show them for the greedy fuckers they are, if you question everything, you can never take it too far. Why do you not defend the earth, and try to protect nature, yet defend those who want you to be all haters, greedy men in government and multi corporations, why do you accept their lies and cause me so many frustrations, why are people not questioning more? why are we letting them destroy even more? why do we not stand up as one and protest health over wealth is a society that shows mankind and nature so much more respect.

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