A lesson taught?


Has this period of time taught us a lesson?

About globalisation and overpopulation,

Has it not taught that the future is in healthy eating,

No more seeking to extinct exotic species

No GMO’s but organic food policies,

Take out the chlorinated chicken

And keep it natural and fresh,

And instill some form of birth control

To reduce how much further mankind grows,

Invading habitats where animals roam

We are reaping what we sow,

Nature harnesses food which is grown

Out of the soil full of nutrients,

And can offer us endless nourishment,

It didn’t put animals here for us to eat

So many of them like birds and bats carry so much disease

And it goes into our food chain in which we eat,

Leading to us dying of a viral contagion epithete,

Learn these lessons and mankind may come out of this clean,

Cleaner than before, through managed birth control,

And nurturing nature, and eating healthily

Eating fresh and organically,

Not eating Frankenstein food grown genetically,

Modify our lifestyle and population

Will see us reducing down the epidemics and disease,

And we can discover new dawns and new horizons.

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