Balance on the tightrope

Balanced on a tightrope

This is how we live,

And we must learn to pay attention,

To very step and thread

That sees us traverse safely to the other side,

Along a path, we need to be wise

And understand the complexities,

Of existing with nature and technology,

Watching every step and thread

Of the tightrope that we walk,

We need to learn along the way

Or this tightrope will become fraught and frail,

And then we may fall and fail,

Balance should be everything,

Watch carefully where we’re treading

But we don’t, so we stumble and trip

But not the light fantastic

But cumbersomly and tragic,

We don’t see how life works, it’s magic,

We just think that we can exploit it without any consequences,

So we need to start comming to our senses,

And realise existing is like walking a tightrope,

Watching every step and every thread,

That sees us traverse this life safely

And the only way to achieve this is through balance,

The only way to do this is through living in harmony,

With nature and technology,

We must learn to nurture all that breathes,

Environment is as vital as our economy,

This is what I mean by balance,

We need balance in everything

And understand that we should learn about need over greed,

Sow the equality seed

And we will grow stronger by degrees,

When we are balanced

Watching every step and thread,

Of the tightrope that is this existence that we tread,

The balance between life and death,

We all must understand and learn,

Or time after time we will in turn, simply fall

And ultimately burn.

Published by fauxcroft

spiritually aware and compassionate. Experiencing being human through my conscious reality in an illusory world.

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