Animals, used abused and murdered


Animals strapped in a chair

Tortured to ensure the shampoo is safe for your hair,

Beagles forced to choke inhaling cigarette smoke

To ensure these cancer sticks are smooth for you.

Sheep and cattle reared in a field as food

Served up on a Sunday does it taste good,

Mummy tells little Johnny to eat it all up

If you don’t eat your meat you’ll be weak and then you’re fucked,

Meat she says makes you big and strong,

But Johnny thinks he should question this but doesn’t want to seem wrong.

Animals chased in the meadows by masters of the hunt

These brutal men a vicious, brutal and call it fun,

They hair course and pheasant shoot out of status

Then they say this is ok so please don’t hate us.

Do you see the link

From vivisection, to the meat we eat

To the sick countryside games

This is all done in mankind’s name

And it is wrong,

And it is sick,

We don’t need meat,

It’s all about greed and profit,

And animals always pay the cost,

As their lives are lost,

In the name of mankind’s so called need

But abuse and murder is all I see.

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