RIP to the NHS heroes

RIP to the NHS heroes

Come walk with me

You are heroes I believe,

Who’s lights went out

Saving others lives,

I struggle and weep

At your sacrifice,

Doctors and nurses

And all the key workers

Who’ve died saving lives,

You’re heroes to me,

Walk with me through divinity

I hope you’re regaled in majesty,

For you are what we should all strive to be,

Caring without judgement,

Healing with dignity,

Regardless of colour, faith or belief

You saved others selflessly,

Now I hope and your lights will shine brightly,

For you are heroes of our age

You are legends to me,

Enacting epic deeds,

And I struggle and weep,

Knowing you gave your life in the fight to save lives,

You are heroes and legends to me,

You will always live on and be remembered in my memory,


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