Inured against you


Your concurrence is their aim

Your passivity is our shame,

They use this as a way to exploit

If we stand stand strong their plans get spoil,

So don’t keep on acquiesing

Your free mind is your blessing,

They wish to take that away from you

They don’t want you discovering the truth,

That we are capable of so much

Independently do they can get fucked,

You are power and you are strong

In your own skin and mind where you belong,

Not in the cage of their confinement,

Where they teach you about self doubt,

Where they stimulate greed and hate in you

But now your response is now overdue,

Show them that you know the truth

Show them the unique in you,

Show them their lies will not get through

We have now become bulletproof,

Against their ways we are now inured.

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