Warm light


The luminescent soul light is so warming

It protects from the bitter chill dawning,

From those who resent us for finding out inner peace

And connecting with our conscious awakening,

As a result we discovered a love that’s unconditional

For everyone and it not provisional,

It’s a guarantee for anyone wishing to share and participate

For anyone willing to let go of violence, greed and hate,

And embrace the wonder of a compassionate state

Where we can live in kindness, with no need to vexate,

But instead resonate a true harmonious light

Luminescent and warm which feels so right,

Soul connection is an amazing flight

Of living in a world where people want to deny,

Us any semblance of a future underneath blue clean skies,

Through their reflection upon us of their own self despite,

I share my warm luminescent light to aid nature and humanity finally discover a bit of rest bite.

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