A broken wretch


I sit on a broken chair

Within my broken home,

Of broken dreams

Crying heartbroken tears,

In this wretched place

I live a wretched life,

Under wretched flickering lights

Feeling wretched inside,

Welcome to this broken wretched tale

Where everything failed,

And I lost everything I ever had

It’s a short and tragic love story,

Within it there is no glory

Just a broken wretched soul,

Who’s now suffering

Maybe it’s deserving,

Or maybe it’s a travesty

Read and imagine carefully,

How this broken wretched happening come to pass

As the wretched flickering light goes out,

And everything in this broken wretched home goes dark

The tale ends here and you decide,

What happens in the future,

What occurred in the past,

To make this broken wretched love story last and last.

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