All the time we wasted

Never being honest with one another,

All the things we didn’t say

Biting down on things that were getting in the way,

Stopped us loving each other more than we did

And maybe if we had of tried harder communicating,

We’d have survived longer than we did

And the shame of it is,

That I got in the way the fun and the good times

The shame of it is,

Our love could’ve been do much more sublime

And if I learnt anything ,

It is do not waste this life

Not letting others know exactly how and what you think,

For maybe then you’ll have far more and a greater understanding

Of each other, as friends

Of each others, as lovers,

And difficult issues will not get in the way,

And spoil the fun and the good times

In any negative ways,

So love will grow better in this positive state

And I think we maybe have stayed,

Together longer but who’s to say?

But I think this is true,

Just through being able to communicate.

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