Coffee shop of dreams

She sat there looking hot in the coffee shop,

In her finest low cut tight top,

And her tightest skin tight leggings

Made up looking dressed to thrill,

Long legs, long dark hair and beautiful tan

She caught the eye of a young man,

Younger than her, which was her plan,

Looked over saw other watching eyes

She looked at this older man and smiled,

But it was the younger one who’d get the prize,

All three could see this, it was in their eyes.

She stood up headed for the rest room

Gestured with her head, the young man followed soon,

They locked themselves in the rest room

Started kissing, no words needed,

He slipped down the straps of her low cut top

Peeled it down taking off her bra was the next stop,

Passions were now on fire

He kissed and not her neck her needs rose higher,

As he moved down kissing and tasting her breasts

Her leggings were his target next,

Slipping his hands over her small firm bum

Squeezing and needing like no other had done,

Slipping one hand between her thighs

She let out a moan and cry,

Rubbed and used his fingers to good use

She could feel the flowing of her essences juice,

He then worked down her leggings

She was now ready and begging,

He could she this in her eyes as she undid his pants

Pulled them down and took him in hand,

He moved back and day on the toilet

She straddled him, sat down on him and rode on him hard,

Both now gasping, kissing, groping

Both now sweating, writhing, grinding and hoping,

For the peak they were building up to was growing

Both of them knowing what was comming so kept on going,

Faster, harder, deeper they went

Their heavy breathing was almost spent,

Both clutched each other tightly

She dreamt of getting this nightly

He felt her body clutching him tightly,

As the climax ripped through both their bodies

What a moment for them as they in time exploded

And after a few minutes their heat eroded

She felt him flowing into her,

And in his ear he heard her purr,

They got up and dressed and exchanged deep kisses

Left the rest room feeling delicious,

She gave him her number and he gave her his

Both agreed to doing this again,

He left she sat and had another coffee,

Older man crossed over and placed his hand on her hand,

He asked did you do what I think you did with him?

She smiled and said yes and it was a blessing,

He asked if it was his turn yet

They got up together and went to the restroom

She nodded and said definitely yes,

Still vacant and retaining the heat

They locked the door and exchanged kisses,

She whispered I really need more

He smiled and said as your husband I have the right,

She gasped as he pulled her in tight,

This is going to be so much fun

I bet he had so much energy being so young,

He turned her round and bent her over the sink

Hey saw each other in the mirror and he winked,

She felt as he slipped her leggings down

It was time for the next round,

Hotly anticipating this, fulfilling this wish

They began and as they both craved it,

Some moments later they both left the restroom

Saw the faces and the astonished eyes,

But they didn’t care they had completed something from their bucket list,

And the twist was her husband said they could do more of it,

This was music to her ears as she loved this,

And couldn’t wait to get home and plan it,

They were a loving couple enjoying love in their own way,

They saw nothing wrong in this, so there was no shame.

Published by fauxcroft

spiritually aware and compassionate. Experiencing being human through my conscious reality in an illusory world.

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