Like me, read me, if not the don’t but don’t attack me

Like me and what I write

Feel free to read my poems

Don’t like it, don’t read it,

I just write to appeal to the many

I write real stuff, fantasy stuff,

I don’t write to cause offence

I don’t write to cause harm

I write expressing love and positivity

Like me read me, enjoy

Don’t like me or what I write

Fine don’t read me

But please don’t judge and attack me

For I would never do the same

Open as I am to each and everybody’s works

And everybody’s thoughts

If I don’t agree, I don’t read,

But I never judge, never attack

Never do I write stuff out of negativity

But then that’s just me.

Published by fauxcroft

spiritually aware and compassionate. Experiencing being human through my conscious reality in an illusory world.

23 thoughts on “Like me, read me, if not the don’t but don’t attack me

  1. Sorry to hear that you were subject to an attack because you voiced your opinions. Recently, one of my dear friends told me a saying β€˜blessed are those among the oppressed’. Just be glad that you’re not the oppressor and hurt others with your words.
    Your opinions are your thoughts so keep going as long as you’re not hurtful!
    Keep up your good work πŸ™‚

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  2. The world is full of cowards, especially so the internet. Those that attack usually do it to make themselves feel superior, and would never have the courage to say those things to your face. And try not to let the meanness get to you. Karma is a bitch, they will get theirs…..

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  3. I’m sorry that you were attacked for any reason. No one deserves that. It hurts my heart to know that others seek to lash out and hurt another just seeking to express the self honestly and beautifully. I hope one day soon we find freedom from the hate of their dark ways.

    Until then I hope for you much love and light and peace and joy in your moments to cover the darkness the trolls of the world seek to bring.

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    1. Thanks very much. Someone took exception to my poem coffee shop of dreams. They didn’t like the erotic conation and felt it was offensive to women. If it is I apologize but not how it was written. The woman is strong and in control, never submissive. But just a bit of fantasy in the end. Well anyway thank you for your kind words peace, love light, πŸ™ Faux

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      1. Oh I can see how that would happen. In our world, many people are very sexually repressed. And their only known way to deal with such offense is to lash out the one that inspired the discord they feel inside. But I believe if they looked within they would find the discord they feel is more in line with the lie they are living and the heart of passion that burns deep within not getting the chance to be felt and/or expressed.

        I read your poem and it was wonderful!! I am a woman and I connected strongly with the idea of knowing what you wanted and being brave enough to buck traditional standards to get that satisfaction.

        But I also embrace the inner hedonist in myself and know that many look down upon hedonism as bad in its entirety, where I view it to be good in moderation.

        I appreciate your fantasy and hope that the negative experience of one will not keep you from continuing to share such beautiful pieces of creative expression. Truly you are a light in the world and your words are meant to open and enlighten others to a better way of being.

        As I share these last words, I want to say that the darkness is passing and what we are feeling is the last vestiges of negativity and animosity trying to stake grasp hold of a reality that is raising its collective vibration. It won’t last forever and soon we’ll look back and laugh how shortsighted we all were at thinking we were ever at odds with one another.

        I long for that day and passionately embrace its presence in every moment I can muster. πŸ™ Alura

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      2. I feel the same as I read through your works. I am grateful to have crossed paths with one so in touch with sharing words that evoke and stimulate deep emotions and understandings within.

        It touches me deeply to connect with another who happens to share my vision and thoughts. I have always hoped for that! πŸ™β€οΈπŸ™ Alura

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