Quantum love


I drift into the depths and realms of quantum life

I fall back into stars and waves of light,

I trip the cosmic void fantastic jumping from quasars

I would do all this just to be wherever you are,

I’d shapeshift, time jump just to seek you out

From parallel universes travelling via hyperdrives,

Nothing can halt my mission to track you down

And love you way beyond all sight and sound,

To cover you in stardust while cadenzas play

A symphony of music that resonates deep from space,

I’d travel so many lightyears just to be tangled in an embrace with you,

Everything you are to me manifests the truth,

That love knows no bounds and will conquer all

So let yourself go and simply fall,

Backwards into space with me so we can make love for eternity,

In a void of cosmic dreams and astral imagery,

We’ll make our love stand among the stars in all the finary

Because we are lovers transcending all that’s binary,

This love will be cosmically magical to the point it supernovas,

And explodes into a myriad of wonderous colourful dreams,

This is quantum love.

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