Better to fail and live

We shy away at times

From give ourselves openly,

Afraid we may get hurt

So we learn to hold something back,

Refusing to commit

Worried to truly let go,

So we don’t feel the full force of living

And then find we’ve grown so old,

And that chances have simply passed us by,

Because we got lost in the lie

That maybe we’re not good enough,

And that maybe we will fail,

Better to fail yet experience living

Then to succeed at doing nothing but existing,

So dont, hold back

Throw yourself into life,

Love with a passion

And an open heart,

Live with courage

Just make that start,

You are good enough to achieve,

You need to start to believe,

In yourself now

And learn to love yourself a lot more,

This how we open new doors,

Just trust and have faith in you

This is what we must learn to do,

To live life to the full.

Published by fauxcroft

spiritually aware and compassionate. Experiencing being human through my conscious reality in an illusory world.

9 thoughts on “Better to fail and live

  1. I love the web of love that is woven through the Universe. For these wonderfully crafted words you have arranged so beautifully came to notify me of their arrival just as I was discussing with a friend his state of mind while he was on the brink of suicide.

    He shared his words which were full of darkness and negativity and hurt and hopelessness. My heart felt for him and hoped to find something to share that could give him light even in the darkness. Then your wonderful words came to me and I shared them in his direction. He found the piece to be incredibly inspirational while allowing him to feel the darkness he felt but have a hopeful optimism for the future

    Such is the magic of words and our sharing of them to help others. Much love and joy and peace and light to you for the help you provided a wounded soul somewhere out there in the Universe. I am so glad you are a part of my Reader.

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    1. I am so humbled and touched that my words helped another soul in need of so much healing. I hope he can find the light someday, which with a good kind friend such as you, is a real possibility. Thanks for reading and appreciating my friend πŸ™ β™₯️ Faux

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      1. Your words touch my heart. It is ever my hope to bring light to another’s soul and I am beginning to see signs of hope in one who thought himself lost. It works wonders when you heap a wonder of love upon a stranger. Truly in the hours since his darkness came sweeping in, he is turning his perspective toward something more wholesome and uplifting, beginning to believe in himself which I feel is the first step toward valuing himself enough not to want to choose suicide in those horrible moments. Thank you again for the part you played in helping someone even when you didn’t know you were needed. I find that to be magic at its finest! Which I love to be a part of Magic coming to Reality. Hopefully you do too!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh how I love to open myself up to the magical wonder of the Universe and it’s way of pulling things together in perfect synchronicity and serendipity. It is always amazing to witness and leaves me hopeful for the next time it happens!

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