What it’s about


I reveal very little about me

Because my work is not about me being seen,

People may try to perceive me and that okay

I just prefer my work to be about my words,

I want it to be about my messages and them being heard

I am happy in my anonymous bliss,

I have no craving to be famous

Yet I wish my work to be known by more,

Because I like to think for some it resonates and opens doors,

Into feelings and emotions, into becoming more aware,

I try to talk about things some others wouldn’t dare,

I try to expose life for its lies it’s true

I hope in many ways to connect with you,

But don’t look at me as intelligent or wise

I am a normal person living a normal life,

Far from perfect with colossal flaws

But that’s why my works not about me, it’s more,

About the struggles, inequalities and unfairness in life

The knocks, the falls, the wrongs and the rights,

But most of all it’s about the kindness, love and the light,

And being the authentic, conscious you in your own right.

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