Weirdest trip to fantasy


I fell down a deep hole

Yet in the flashing light,

I saw a chess board

With pawns hop scotching on it,

And it played mystical rhymes

Then I saw a record,

Spinning on a gramophone

I hear people talking as the needle spun,

I then saw a sheep with is wool being unwound

It was a black sheep

And it was reciting Shakespeare,

And as I fell further I began to fear

That maybe I was losing my mind,

Lost as I was in quantum time,

I sailed on shooting stars

Like a surfer on a wave,

Along Rockaway Beach baby hey, hey, hey,

I rose with the moon

And I set with the sun,

I felt loss and distress

And then joy and love,

I crossed the seven seas

Within our cosmic galaxy,

I kept falling through this fantasy,

On roller skates I rode

Being pursued by shining marbles,

Rolling along with milky ways within,

Then there was smoke

And then lightening

Suddenly I was shown where this journey began,

And a voice in my said did I want exit now?

Or instead sit and watch the big bang,

And observe how life begins from light seeds and atoms,

And view the miracle of creation

Then I saw a train pull into the station,

And a voice cried out

This is the train to demystification

A one way ticket to fascination,

I thought for a moment then decided to ride

The journey of a lifetime

On a surreal wild tide,

See me waving out of the window,

It’s been nice to meet you,

Now it’s time to say my last goodbyes.

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