You could be stronger


Why do you feel so alone

Is it because you feel so cold,

You suffer the slings and arrows

You weather the stones and broken bones,

Yet rather than allowing it to make you stronger

You just hide away and fold,

Curling up into a small ball,

Trying to shrink away from life

And this makes you embrace the strife,

That others inflict upon you

Rather than standing up for yourself and your rights,

And hinders you from revealing how bright is your light,

As you hide away in shadows

Hoping for a moment when you can take flight,

And escape the place in time

Leaving everything far behind,

But this is no likely to happen

So why not take a stand,

And become stronger, which is a much better plan.

One response »

  1. Tell me how strong you are?? How much I know you are just a needy, weak n fickle minded, selfish person. No matter how much fakeness you show to others.
    I hope when more than 90% people die from your family, and you have multiple abandonment wounds, you could tell the same things to yourself rather than playing that snarky pity party as well.
    Fuck off now. 🖕


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