I wonder if some people

Have to much time on their hands,

Because even when you do your best for them

They always find a way to be criticising,

Despite the hard work put in that they don’t see

The planning and ensuring everybody’s safety,

Yet to them, the uninitiated and inexperienced

Doing what they want done is easy, isn’t it?

No it’s not that easy, no plans are needed

Cate needs to be taken so lives are not put at risk needlessly,

Just to satisfy you and keep you pleased

So save your complaining for something bigger and more worthy,

Leave us to get on with work, as you sit with your frustrated pen

Dreaming of a new thing,

Of which you can start complaining

If that gives each day you live some kind of meaning,

Then fine but from here those actions just look trivial

And waste of good ink.

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