Minneapolis is burning


Minneapolis is burning because of racial hate

Built up by white supremacists,

In a Trump divided United States

He speaks and speed vitriolic racist shit,

And threatens protesters instead of finding peace

Is the intelligent approach way beyond his reach,

The fires that are burning are not fires of anarchy or revolution,

They are fires of anger and despair bulit out of frustration,

These actions though hard too condone stem from the racist institution,

That has grown out of greed and xenophobia

And a desire for a white nation,

But America was native and black

Before the white European man arrived,

And now only a fraction of Native Americans survive,

There has never been any restitution for the slave trade

Not even an apology for treating people that way,

Being black within Trump’s America is a dangerous thing to be,

When you see innocent black men murdered on your screens,

How much more must they endure?

And why should they suffer in silence?

I don’t believe in mindless act of unacceptable violence,

But Minneapolis is burning and it’s all on Trump’s watch,

As he allow white right wing extremists killing people

And excuses this by saying they lost the plot,

He vilifies terrorism but terrorism is Trump’s way

That’s why Minneapolis is burning

Because of Trump’s white supremacist state.

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