Those who suffer fear and uncertainties


Fear and uncertainties feed negativity

These are emotions that breed the hate we see

The creation of self doubt that causes vunerability

Wakes the monster of the bitterness we see

In the racist, discriminatory, xenophobic type

Who welcome in and embrace wrong,

While being blind to what is right

It consumes their soul to the point they won’t be told

And hiding behind things they are very bold

But if confronted they shy away

They play at life like it’s a game

They seek out money in their averice and greed

They are undereducated and lack the intellectual means

To understand what love and empathy is

They go for easier emotions like greed and hate

And get vexed when we have our say

And try to drown us out in order to win a debate

I’d feel sorry for them if they were not so nasty

But in their ignorance, bitterness and hat we will not surpass me

Because I am a spiritual soul of love and kindness.

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