We created change, but we need to go again


Back in 1979 we protested all the time

Protesting against war chanting fight wars not not war,

We stood up for CND against the nuclear threat

Fought for animal rights,

And regimes using oppression and might

To make people disappear in the middle of the night,

We fought for the cause mindful of 1984

It seemed a good target to make changes and more,

The pressure helped with nuclear deceleration

By the superpowers,

And helped reduce down our doomsday hour,

We helped to bring about animal rights change

By reducing down the fur trade,

Helped bring about awareness to animal vivesection

We strive for environmental issues,

Standing up for Greenpeace

Even when their ship got sank,

We kept the pressure going

But since those heady days,

Change has slowed down in many ways,

And even the things we fought so hard against

Seem to be back again,

Trump and Putin are building up their arsenal’s,

And the fur trade of shame

Seems to be coming back slowly everyday,

It’s imperative to ramp things up like extinction rebellion is doing,

Get out on the streets and disturbances start brewing,

For government must be put under pressure

And we must keep pushing a lot more,

Especially when it comes to fighting wars not war.

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