Right and wrong


Everywhere I go

And everyone I meet,

I treat my journey as a blessing

And treat people kindly,

After all I see no point

In being nasty or rude,

I say things how I feel

Sometimes I can be crude,

But it’s not because I wish to offend

You see that’s not my way,

It’s just that I grew up

In a hard knock rough estate,

But I still learnt wrong and right

And discovered love and compassion,

I still instilled within myself

The power of kindness to all,

Who treat and speak to my the same way

Which I see as courtesy,

I also show understanding

And tolerance to other peoples beliefs,

Even if I don’t agree, I keep it all polite

I prefer to love than go out my way to have a fight,

I am just a simple man

Who likes a simple life,

But it doesn’t stop me standing up

For what I believe is right,

And exposing bad things hiding in the shadows

By resonating a bright light.

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