Re-connect with that which created you


Do you believe your present and future happiness resides in bricks and mortar?

Do you really it dwells in monetary rewards and shiny cars and glittering possessions?

If that was the case why hasn’t that worked in the past for you?

Have you even tried internal development and growth, where by you focus on self love?

Where you raise you self- consciousness and find your true inner strength and focus,

Because as you do this, as you grow and discover what you really need is within,

Then and only then will you find contentment and inner peace and understand love for all,

Because you will have attuned yourself to the universal frequencies that created us,

And you will have a better understanding of why we are here, to learn kindness,

To realise the true meaning of unconditional love, to learn forgiveness and to care.

The more we look out there for satisfaction and happiness, the further we will get from it,

For all this is residing within us, it’s what we’re made of, so stop fighting universal nature,

Stop nurturing it out of your consciousness and being and connect with what created you.

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