Good times, good days


I sit here thinking of the past days

The summers always seemed so hot

Unless we were on holiday

Then it always seemed to rain

We always stayed in a caravan

My dad he always had great plans

He’d take us on walks for hours

But still he’d somehow keep it fun

I remember him with such fondness

And I am so sad he’s no longer here

He kept away the demons

He always kept away my fears

I think back at my younger days

We had no money but we were ok

He’d find enough money for a holiday

In s caravan but that was the only way

He was full of kindness and love

Though he struggled to show it too much

But I could feel it anyway

I look back upon those days

And smile and think of him and gaze

Into nothingness and I’d find that I am blessed

To see those memories displayed

By mind time and again

Those were good times and good days.

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