Calling out to the universe


Calling out to the universe

Hoping for a cosmic response,

From the quantum void

Listening to the words bouncing off stars,

Sling shotting mars,

Heading of to planets light years away

Hearing alien whispers in a dark matter state,

Hoping for somebody to come to my aid

Take me on a journey across the Milky Way,

Trans-dimentional jumping through wormholes

Dotted throughout space,

Like jumping down rabbit holes

And discovering where it is they lead,

To new realms that exceed our wildest dreams

Way beyond our wildest fantasies,

Welcoming us in to how they live and their state of being

Partying in galactic bars,

You can

How does this sound do far?

We should all let our voices, words and dreams

Reach out to the stars,

To increase our understanding about where we are,

And how we measure up to other species

You can make this happen, just believe me.

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