Don’t just observe


I came to simply observe

But I got caught up in the moment,

As the passions started rising

And the chants and songs rang out,

How could I stand by and passively observe

The thought of that and the notion,

Of that to me is so absurd

So I weighed into the crowd and made my voice heard,

And as a few then tried to trigger violence

I said that’s the police’s answer not ours,

Do not rise to the bait just stand strong and curse

Use the power of your numbers,

And sing we will not be moved

The power of force is used mostly, by the boys in blue,

Don’t give them any reason, to bust protesters heads

Do not rise to the hate and violence that you’ve been fed,

Just stand strong and stand in unity

Muslim, Christian, black and white,

Don’t you see it’s the governments plan

To divide us, then cause us to fight,

To the rich and privileged we are all simply, just fucking scum

This is why we must come together and stand up for our rights,

I saw within the crowd a multitude of colours and faiths,

And I realised the rich, powerful and privileged

Just maybe losing their sway,

But there’s many more that won’t see this

Because they’re blinded by greed and hate,

And to wrapped up in the xenophobic idea of the nation state,

But when the protest finished and no fight broke out

The media lost interest and left those reports out,

Because we live within a system that divides and controls

For its own self serving ends and to help their own privilege grow,

So don’t you be an observer, go into the heart of it

And help to promote change,

To bring about a better world in which we wish to live.

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