Understanding a complex issue


Live and let live is what I say

You can be who you want to be everyday,

But does that mean putting yourself on display

And if you do, why are you so surprised,

When people notice you, which surely is the point

And if they see how you display yourself and choose to disagree,

Why unleash upon them, your anger and fury

For having a set of different ideals and beliefs,

After all tolerance works both ways.

I am what I choose to be but don’t need to say to all

Oh, look at me, please I insist approve of me,

And don’t dare careless or say something I don’t like

We’re all entitled to safe spaces,

Trans men can’t expect to decide one day to be this way

Then the next day to choose to invade,

What has always been a female place

We get you feel like a woman,

But they don’t know if it’s a strategy you’re using

To enter an area designed for women,

It takes longer to prove your change is genuine

For to long women have been the victim of men,

And their abusive, cunning, predatory ways

And if you are truly of female you’ll understand the things I say,

And stop attacking women who say the same

Trans must respect safe spaces,

And not expect to enter all these places.

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