Glass ceiling


They say always stay aspirational

Never look down always look up,

But all I see a glass ceiling

Made of reinforced glass construct,

They say stay positive while you’re being held down

Scaping up the scraps from the rich tables

As they trickle down to the ground,

It’s always those not in poverty

That see the chances we don’t see,

Because they have the luxury of a life more easy,

Whereas we have the struggle of striving to survive

We do what we can but when do we get the time?

Usually we’re too exhausted in body and mind

From the daily servile grind,

That we need to partake in, to pay the bills

Our life is so basic, there’s no fucking frills,

Slaving in the workhouse and the dark satanic mills,

Run by the rich who exploit us still,

I got the inspiration and I got the will,

But to be honest, of this life and society I’ve had my fill.

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