The ghost of you


I saw your ghost

I the reflection of a mirror,

I felt your presence

In the vibration of the air,

I sensed your passion

I the heat of the room,

You shared my left

But you left here to soon,

And now I am so alone

Left in this hollow home,

And all I can do

Is remember and dream of you,

And the life I once had

That was happy and filled,

Is now just a vacuum

I feel I must yield,

But something in the stars

Tells me not to self harm,

That things may just improve

And my hurt will be soothed,

And that’s why I am still hear

Because I still feel you near,

And I must find the strength

Until we meet again,

To continue to live

And to immortalise who you were,

In the creative ink

In the meaningful words,

That express my the love

That you and me had,

And though you’re now a ghost

I feel now I need you most,

To define the life we had

Though my heart is still sad,

Now that you’re gone.

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