Cosmic jungles

Cosmic jungles

Distant cosmic jungles

Of a far off place,

A distant planet

Of rainforests and heat,

Under the glow of a solar light

I hear the drum beats,

Of a native tribe

I have no map nor a guide,

Over the alien treetops I glide,

I see the humid steam rising

The prismic colours are suprising,

I see rivers and tributaries

Flowing underneath,

Mingling between the trees,

I find an idle on which to land

I seek to discover and understand,

Those who live here

I am to make friends

Having travelled to this universal end,

From within the trees appear the tribe

Female and somehow wild,

With male beings which attend

This land is greatly different,

A planet of female warrior rule

But they welcome me,

These people who’s skins are deep blue

With luminous yellow eyes,

And Mohican hair

They show me friendship, kindness and care,

Though we speak no common tongue

We communicate through communion,

Of minds and signs and through clear actions

These people have a true and real attraction,

They show me their world with weird and wonderful beasts

Sounds of alien insects and birds to my ears reach,

Sounds of musical notes echoing gently towards me

This land is full of mystical beauty,

With flowing waterfalls of vibrant greens

Bordered by the golden trees,

And the soft loamy red grass beneath my feet

Ooze health and vitality right through me,

They offer me the chance and opportunity

To live and thrive here freely,

I accept their offer and they accept me,

So now I live in the cosmic jungles

Of an alien land, on a far away planet

Beyond the stars and distant galaxies,

In a world of love and peace, symbiotically.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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