Sparkling beauty

Sparkling beauty

I saw her sparkling among the lights

Crop top, tight leather pants, such pure delight,

He black hair flowing in the breeze

She brings men down to their knees,

She is a warrior in physique

She is beautiful and unique,

Men lose the power of speech around her

She has the presence of an angel,

And she steals mortal mens hearts away,

I see her among the lights shimmering in the heat haze,

The night backdrops her form

Incandescent she shines beautiful,

My desire for her reflects deeply my yearning,

And as she dominates the scene

She engulfs all of my dreams,

My soul aches and my mind wakes

To the beckoning she makes,

And this sign makes my day

And I walk slowly her way,

And we kiss in the cosmic heat haze

Then she takes my hand and we both fade to shade,

And I drift off with her into twin flame days

Surfing on unconditional true love waves.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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