We are all different and that’s good


Why is society so fractured

Why is it so broken,

It’s riddled with division

And intolerance and wrong,

Why does it even matter

Whether someone is black or white,

If they are Muslim or Christian

We don’t have to see this as a reason to fight,

And so what if they are straight gay or trans

Or if they are female or male,

We are all still human but unique on different scales,

But that difference does not make us less as human beings,

It does not make us deserving of less rights

It does not make us shine any less bright,

These divisions and intolerances

Are instilled within the ignorance on our minds,

And we have to learn to transcend them,

And start humanely manifesting

And learning to embrace the differences,

That can make humanity so great,

And leave toxic, fear and hostility well behind within our wake.

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