Follow the money


We have generated a toxic society

Fueled by the media, government and what they excrete,

They promote so much division they whip up real hate

The kids can’t help but absorb it,

Because it’s everywhere today

We live in a place where good food is to expensive to buy,

But gambling, drugs and booze is so cheap it helps prevent get by

Is this the design by those who control and rule us,

To get us all addicted and totally fucked up,

So that we’re more dependent on them

If so they doing this well because kids are growing up,

In a society that is pure hell

This society is fractured, it’s well beaten and bruised

I’d this antipathy of divide and rule,

This society has become so brutal and so cruel

It’s run by those of greed so follow the money,

And don’t allow yourself to be fooled.

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