We share the same existence


We are here sharing the same world

And the same existence haven’t you heard?

So why do people hate and why are they violent

Why try to force others into silence

Why do some people feel the colour of somebody’s skin?

Makes them less, it’s so dehumanising

Why do dome people hate those of different faiths?

What do they lack that makes them irate?

This ignorant behaviour and intolerance

Is what’s causing so much division at a time

When we should all start to realise

That we are all on the same side

That we are all part of one race

And that it’s all good to practice your own faith

And that we’re all here to learn and experience

What it is to be human

And what it is to humane

And to develop our love and compassion

To discover that kindness should not be rationed

After all we are all here for the same reason

To live a full life and be happy

So why not give it a try?

And leave your hatred and bigotry aside

At least for s while.

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