Nanny state

We’re living in a fucking nanny state

Told what to drink and what to eat,

And what’s good and bad for you

Like you don’t fucking know as if we’re idiots one and all,

And that the only knowledgeable ones are those who fucking rule

Angry, yes I am angry, why would I be,

I spent the whole time working through this pandemic disease

Now I am told at the point where it’s far less dangerous,

That I now must wear a mask

Well isn’t it a bit late now is the question I must ask,

And if you do not wear one, while visiting a shop

We’ll fine you a 100 pounds enforced by pandemic cops,

Well what a fucking joke that choice and rights are taken away

When the reason for so many deaths,

Is because our government was lame

And never acted quick enough to put lockdown in place,

Meanwhile they’re putting GM shit on supermarket shelves

And chlorinated fucking chicken while saying,

They’re protecting people’s health

And now they ban Hauwei because China loves to spy,

Well what about Facebook and Google which enables the FBI,

And the CIA to use backdoors for industrial espionage

It’s all a load of hypocrisy and lies to keep mind control a large,

They do not want us thinking for ourselves

After all what the fuck do we know,

You ask me were victims of a global fucking shitshow,

Where the rich keep getting richer

And the poor can find no work,

And they starve you of money to ensure life hurts

And in this nanny state authority,

There are people living on the street

But they were housed and fed during this pandemic,

But now it’s on the decline,

They’re being thrown out on the streets

That’s how much they fucking care, it’s so wrong that I weep,

This nanny state is a dictatorship to ingrain into you and me,

Rules and laws and doctrines to stop us from feeling and being free,

We’re just fodder for their workshops, targets for enemy guns,

We lose the inquiring mindset, that we had when we were young,

We now have given up the right to be questioning,

Just what our governments tell us everyday

I think that they are unworthy as they clearly displayed,

So why should I take notice of the games that they play

I see this nanny state every day,

People give their responsibility for their lives away.

Published by fauxcroft

spiritually aware and compassionate. Experiencing being human through my conscious reality in an illusory world.

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