I want my love back


I want my love back

Because if what life now lacks,

You broke it and smoked it

And you did it so matter of fact,

I want my love back

Now my days have all turned black,

It like it’s been kidnapped and kept in a sack,

Denied the chance of light or any freedom

Deprived from me and all I believe in,

You’ve acted so cruelly, so brutal so cold,

You did it to break my heart and my soul,

You did it so callously and it was premeditated

And now I feel that I’ve been soo violated,

I want my love back

And I won’t let it go,

So I am just telling you just so you know,

I have found the strength to come back again

I will not be a victim who just wallows in pain,

I am going to find a a way and find the strength

To recapture the passion to love again,

And break it free from your controlling grip,

Because understand this now baby,

I will no longer take your shit.

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