Universal landscapes


Alive among the stars

Tiptoeing through time,

On lotus covered steps

That suddenly appear,

From nowhere and yet

Seems to make sense,

In this wonderland

Of cosmic prismic dreams,

Dancing in the discordant light

Of misty laser beams,

Resonating cadenzas

And as symphonies echo now,

I hear the vibration shimmering

And humming quite loud,

Yet shooting stars and comets

Leave long trails far behind,

Painting images across

The ebony night sky,

And I can feel the spiritual vibes

And the galactic flow,

I sense the essence of this moment

And into this cosmic unknown,

My trans-dimentional visitations

Continue to take me away,

Into what I can only describe

As a universal mystic haze,

Embrace my life and my dreams

That enhances life in every way,

I love to be a witness to this beautiful landscape.

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