Track and trace


Track and trace

Control by the state,

In a new eugenics race

They want to track and trace,

All your movements

Using technology,

Placed within the vaccines

Of this man made,

And inspired pandemic

They want to change life,

By instilling means that is systemic

Biological control,

Over the different classes

They will have us kneel before them,

As we realise they’re our masters

Because of the track and trace,

That they placed within us

And we’ll see all is lost and nothing can be done,

For they will know in advance

About any thoughts if demonstrations,

They will find it easy to quell any insurrection,

They’ll know your movements

Know exactly where you are at all time,

And know exactly what is going on in your minds,

Track and trace a new order created by the state,

To control us in every single way

Under track and trace.

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