Tending my seeds


I plant a seed of love each day

I nurture it in everyway,

Since you stole my heart

And simply walked away,

I’ve been nurturing these seeds of love

In a hope that they may ripen,

And I’ll find a good soul to take your place,

I see you daily with your smiling face

It’s beautiful but causes me pain,

But now I know it someone else that does this

Because I know that smile, I used to put there,

And now it is somebody else

That is taking care of your needs,

The thought of that makes my heart bleed

So I continue on, growing these seeds,

So that maybe you’ll realise I too have found somebody new

So that I will no longer feel the pain of losing you,

Instead I’ll feel they joy of loving and being loved again,

So forgive me as I tend the seeds, up to end these days of misery

In a hope that I may heal myself from the pain,

From that day when you decided to coldly walk away.

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