Prick me, do I not bleed?

I am me living out fantasies

Of poetic imaginary,

Pushing often boundaries,

Then sometimes just writing

Fun time fantasy stories,

I am no master of philosophy

Sometimes I just write,

What I know people like to read

Sometime though I don’t,

But then maybe I am just a dope

Dangling on some ropes,

Dancing like a puppet

You can hate it or you can love it,

I am no spiritual guru

Fuck it I don’t even know what I am here for,

I don’t say my words are gospel

I don’t even say they’re right or normal,

I attack nobody, I harm no one

I actually write mostly of love,

I hate racism and environmental destruction

I stand up for the rights of so many millions,

Who find themselves under threat and oppression,

I don’t do it to seem good

I do it because I know that it’s right,

And I write about it, in hope I may make others think

And may do it, or say something

That may encourage others to do the same,

I am nobody and I have no power to bring about change,

All I can do is highlight plights

I am not out to get into arguments and fights,

I’ve said it before I’ll say it again

Love me or hate me do you want me to change?

To perfect ideal and views on life

Become an extension of you believe is right,

As I’ve said before read me or not it’s your choice,

Like a TV program you watch

You can turn me on or turn me off,

Don’t like my ink?

Don’t read it,

If you do I am grateful and pleased,

I am here just writing

No other motives but just trying to please,

Or just writing as a release

And learning to increase and improve my vocabulary,

Happy in my life, I have no needs

I just aim to share my work with others who are friendly,

I am not looking for anything

Just a connection with friends,

Who I can share thoughts with now and again,

No more no less, so please don’t read more into it,

My writing is imaginative

It doesn’t always reflect my true reality,

I just like writing freely, so please don’t attack me

Because of assumptions that you perceive,

With out actually knowing anything about me

Read me or don’t, do as you please,

Please don’t try and psychoanalyse me,

I am normal, boring mundane and happy that way

I just like different worlds that I try to create,

Which is just a form of trying to escape

The pressures and hardship of day too day life,

Sorry for just trying to shine s little light

Only to be told what’s wrong and right,

And chastised for what I write

To find out I become someone’s highlight,

To be ridiculed and mocked

In what appears to be a personal swipe,

Which is something I could never do or contemplate

But then that’s just me, I am just made that way you see,

Kind and trying to live spiritually while try to stay authentic to me,

Trying in my own little way to be unique.

Published by fauxcroft

spiritually aware and compassionate. Experiencing being human through my conscious reality in an illusory world.

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