Spirituality thesis Part1


There are many who will look towards spirituality and feel that their route to it is less because they may not have had a spiritual awakening that transformed them suddenly. This is something not to get hung up on. Many people come to spirituality slowly after looking at other experiences out there. It may be gradual and require some work but that which is earned hard we learn most from. Another route to spiritual awakening can occur through loss or life changing events happening. This is not to be a wrong reason to be spiritual either. The fact and the truth is quite simple, it does not matter what route you take, the journey you traveled, what matters that you get there, because discovering or rediscovering your spirituality, discovering you light and your love for self and all things is the most important thing. We are all unique and so are our journeys and our paths to spirituality. Whether you see that as an awakening or just a state of thought and being is entirely up to you. Spirituality is truly the most existential state of being. It is unlike religion with it’s dogma and rules, however the beauty of it being so existential is that if you want to incorporate a certain type of religion into it, then that’s your choice. This emphasizes and echoes the sentiments just stated, that it is your experience to create as you will. Spirituality is about ultimately being a good, kind, compassionate, loving, peaceful individual offering help to others, seeking to spread these attributes among our fellow beings so as to reach for and evolve to a better more harmonious state of living, that seeks to bring about equality for all, a unified state of being among the whole of humanity. Spirituality is a route to change within you the individual. It does not ask or expect you to change the world. That task is too great for any one single person but that through changing ourselves individually the world will change one person at a time. With this in mind, we need to realise and understand anything is possible but that all change starts within us and that what we put out there will resonate with others around us and hopefully makes them question how they are living. Yes, others may try and undermine what you believe, yes, they may try and ridicule your beliefs, through ignorance and lack of understanding but you know that even if you find yourself alone and that others have left you, the path and the light is the place to be. Through spiritual practices available you will discover a life of suffering is avoidable and is not a default consequence of living. My aim though, is not to sell you spirituality, but too show you how it can work and what it offers. In the end this guide is here simply to open the door within you and show you around, whether you decide to keep it open and reside there is a choice only you can make.

Published by fauxcroft

spiritually aware and compassionate. Experiencing being human through my conscious reality in an illusory world.

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