A dragons tale                   (fantasy/fiction or is it?)

I, the long lost beast of fairytales and myth, who once long ago used to live, in and under mountains protecting the dragon species, once so rich they flew upon high and filled the sky until that fateful day, when human beings arrived. Sensing their wrongness upon the earth and seeing them as natures curse, we fought a war, one that we lost and paid the ultimate extinction cost. We are beasts of flame, beasts breathing fire, we spread our wings and fly as high as clouds and mountain tops below, our fire we would bellow in unison and paint masterpieces of heat and flame. Our scales glistening in the sun different colours blues, greens, golds, silver and reds. Imperious beasts, proud we were and now the pain and all the hurt of knowing I am the  last and in hiding , in the shadows simply surviving, in the realm where humans own the day,I hide in the darkness the caves. But man will not last much longer and I am long lived and stronger. I as female dragon in waiting, ready and just contemplating the return of my kind, of which I will create, because I know nature has a way of propagating species so that they can return and in the sky fire and flame will burn.


8 thoughts on “A dragons tale                   (fantasy/fiction or is it?)

  1. Here ya go. http://www.astrodreamadvisor.com/free_mayan_readings.html

    I just blogged this for everyone, but this website is so fun and cool. You are White Resonant Dog. Love and loyalty are what you are about. White Resonant Wind tribe guides you so that everything you communicate resonates with so many, which we see on here! Your support tribe is Red Resonant Moon which is resonant emotion. Again, the feeling you communicate resonate with so many.

    I’m guessing acoustics in a room or performance hall matter greatly to you and you have dog hearing or Vulcan hearing. Good ole’ Spock. lol. I would be surprised if you were clairaudient (psychic hearing) and if your soul is off kilter, so are your ears or vice versa. We can see from your posts that you are a Muse. Thank you for listening for those that have no ears to hear. Lisa T.

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  2. Reblogged this on Healer and commented:
    In the Mayan Cosmology, the Red Dragon is a Tribe of human kin who are in touch with her energy.

    What Fauxcroft has written reminds me of a multidimensional gateway in the Mayan Tzolkin which I’ve been working with for 25 years. It is the key to synchronicity in your life as you follow it.

    Kin 221: Red Cosmic Dragon

    I endure in order to nurture
    Transcending being
    I seal the input of birth
    With the cosmic tone of presence
    I am guided by the power of life force.

    She governs tongue and taste in humans

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