Long lost races

Tales of long forgotten races like Mayan and Incas from centuries ago, dissappearing from the planet, just where did these tribal people go. Were they all killed or by others or disease or some form of other multiplicity. Or were they from another place from some some other dimensional space, did they go back to the stars, some where distant somewhere far. Were there like wise beings helping the Egyptians and the Greeks shaping their culture hoping humanity could achieve far more than we have right now, we were like piglets suckling from the sow. But did they see we were to warlike and too consumed with power and greed that they left us too our own devices, they saw humans as a contagious disease, that would destroy everything wonderful and great, annihilating everything we see. They gave up hope and left us too it and any hope of some help to higher advancement was lost because in the time of choosing, we chose war, greed and hate which humanity continues in every way. 


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