When we strive to be someone or something better of different than we are now how can we be sure other than through thorough and deep introspection that we are not actually becoming something or someone that outside forces have subliminally or covertly encouraged us to be to suit their own ends. How can we know whether who we are is truly the true and authentic us?


9 thoughts on “Introspection 

  1. When I read this immediately what came to mind is this quote I refound yesterday. Apparently its a Chinese Proverb. Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are. I do think parental and societal forces try to mould us into something else. Huge parts of us can get repressed if our culture doesn’t sanction them. It is so important to know you own heart and beingness. You are who you are, not what you do, though what you do can reflect who you are if you are acting deeply from your real self.

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  2. I think about this all the time. I figure however, that we are our true selves no matter what. For example: You are in a crowd full of strangers who have no idea who you are. You might say that because of this, you will act differently than your “true and authentic self”. But I argue, how are you acting any different from who you really are? The stranger may see you as something, and to them, that is who you are. An idea is a building block of existence, therefor a part of you exists just as that stranger views you. Yes, a situation can demand something from you or make it seem to you that you’re acting different from who you are, but it’s still nonetheless YOU. We are constantly changing beings due to outside influences, but that’s part of what makes ourselves “authentic”. I think that perhaps there isn’t one true self. We are many versions of ourself. This is especially true if the universe is indeed infinite, because then their is really no limit as to who you are or who you can be. We are simply energy and matter. We transform and take on many different things, but this doesn’t mean that what we are at the moment isn’t out true self… it is just one of many. (sorry for the long-ass comment! I’m glad you brought up this question because questions like this need to be asked more and at least thought about more often. I mean, this is the foundation of human existence… it’s something we need to acknowledge lol)

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    1. Thank you for your considerEd and wise response. Ithink was very well made. I wonder if who we are though is determined by domestication from childhood by parents and teachers who tell us who to be and how to be and how much influence they still have on us in later life. Are what they inputted into us still pulling our strings. Reading a good book on this at the moment. Self mastery by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

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