Come together right now

We live in a callous world

Of limited rights,

Where people hate on others lives,

In a world where everybody is denied

Peace and love and where the innocent die.

Why can’t we find a way  just to get on

A way to coexist in tolerance,

Why can’t we share the the light of creation

And transcend into eternal elation,

Where hating and violence and other negative things

Are all consigned to life’s rubbish bin,

Why can’t we come together all as one

Unite as a one race called being human.

No division oblivious of creed, colour money or beliefs,

Why can’t we all accept and understand

We all have the right to make a different stand.

Nobody is always right and neither are they wrong,

We all should have the right to stand strong,

Behind an opinion or point of view

Without worrying about being attacked by yo.

Can’t we all use our intellect to see what’s right,

That fighting for freedom is our God given right.


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